13 Ways to Take Advantage of a Sunny Window

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13 Ways to Take Advantage of a Sunny Window

A bright, sunny window sets the mood for your whole home. In fact, it might be the sole reason you bought or rented your home: because you picture yourself lazing in the sunbeam, just like a cat. But deciding exactly what to do with your perfect, sun-filled window can be a challenge. A dedicated reading corner? Lots and lots of plants? All the things? Or maybe you should dedicate the whole space to your actual cats.

Take a deep breath and picture how you want to enjoy your sunny space. And if you’re still struggling for the perfect inspiration, these 13 ideas may help you decide.

1. Soften the Light

Sunny windows are a wonderful addition to their room—but there is one drawback. They’re sunny. Watching television, eating dinner, or even just holding a casual conversation all increase in difficulty when you’re busy shading your eyes. Tone down the brightness with luxurious gauzy curtains perfectly sized to your window in a neutral shade. White curtains may be the most modern, but any toned-down shade will temper the sun.

2. Let Your Succulents Dangle

Take your terrarium-making hobby to the next level by dangling your homemade creations against the window. (And if you go store-bought, we won’t tell.) Or fill round glass vases with gorgeous sun-seeking succulents to keep them happy and well-fed. Embrace the Perfect Mess filled glass ball planters from the Dollar Tree with dirt, moss, and river rocks to help her plants thrive.

3. Perk Up Your Morning Routine

Stop chugging down coffee every morning beneath dim LEDs. If you’re blessed with a beautiful, sunny window glowing into an empty corner, take advantage of the morning light. A small, two-chaired table in the perfect spot (like in this Australian home studio featured on Nicole Valentine Don) can transform your morning routine from dull to delightful. After all, sunlight gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy—and starting your day with a little bit of joy can staunch off the gloomy doldrums of routine.

4. Give Your Cats a Rest

Is there anything our furriest, moodiest friends like more than sunlight? Quite possibly not—which means handing over sunny windows to your cats may be the kindest solution. Blogger EHymns & Verses used an inexpensive wicker basket, plywood, and brackets to make this simple and cozy sleeping nook for kittens. Stuff it with a plush cat bed for the ultimate in comfort. You may find your furry pals more friendly now that they have a sunny spot of your own.

5. Brighten Your Work Space

Whether you work from home or just need a place to wrap up paperwork over the weekends, consider transforming your sunniest window into a glorious workspace. In this home featured on Dreams and Jeans, a streamlined white desk overlooks a riot of trees. Keep the space minimal and hyper-organized for maximum calming effects. For artists—or anyone else hoping to integrate more nature into their work routines—this sunny set-up might be life-changing.

6. Pair with Black

Matching your uber-sunny windows with a stark black wall makes a perfectly modern pairing. The effect seems minimalist and sleekly Scandinavian—and the deep black tones down the bold sunlight. This look is perfect if you adore sunlight but hate the washed-out all-white decor that’s so popular on Pinterest today. Blogger French by Design’s home pairs a super-sunny window with night-black walls to create a show-stopper of a living room.

7. Display Dramatic Greenery

There’s no better place to show off your favorite hanging plants than a sunny window. Imagine gorgeous pothos leaves trailing towards the ground or a trailing succulent, like a donkey’s tail, shining with light. Los Angeles hairstylist Christina Meneses hung draping plants before her window to make her inside space feel like a greenhouse. For plant lovers, there’s nothing better than going overboard with your greenery—and a lush window scape makes those dreams possible.

8. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Kick back and relax in your comfiest chair while enjoying bright sunlight. Turning your window into a cozy, relaxing reading nook lets you keep your nose in a book from dawn to dusk (and add a cute lamp to keep the word party going longer). A Burst of Beautiful created this nook by pairing a super-plush chair with a striped blue blanket and just a hint of greenery. And as you can see, it’s not just humans who adore this quiet spot.

9. Turn the Space Into a Bookshelf

Your gorgeous, comfortable reading nook wouldn’t be complete without places to read—and lucky for you, a sunny window is a perfect spot for a bookshelf. Line the windowsill with your favorite paperback books or just stack them underneath the sill, like in this stunning shot captured by photographer The Slow Traveler. Weathered pages make a complementary neutral accent for white walls, and colorful spines can turn plain into fantastical.

10. Start Your Seedlings

There’s no better place to begin your gardening adventures than a sunny window. Make sure the window receives a good amount of light throughout the day—as much as possible—and don’t forget to water your new babies on the regular. If you’re worried starting seeds inside, instead of beneath a grow lamp, makes you an amateur, don’t fret. Even the New York Botanical Garden understands the beauty and ease of simple windowsill growing.

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