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The 5 Most Popular Tiles for Showers

Adding tile to your shower can make a big impact. Consider five of the most popular materials for bathroom tile.

With such a wide and beautiful variety of shower tile options available, homeowners may find it hard to make a decision. Start by analyzing trends to ensure your renovation dollars bring a return on investment. Consider five of the most popular tile options for showers you’re sure to love year after year.

Subway Tile

Dating back 100 years to New York City’s tiled subway walls, subway tile still ranks as a popular choice for showers and bathrooms today. Interior designers love the timeless look of these rectangular tiles as they seamlessly work with a variety of styles.

Lay them in different patterns — horizontally, vertically, herringbone, etc. — to create a unique but classic design in your shower. Subway tile comes in many different colors and materials, including ceramic, marble and glass, and some even include a beveled edge, adding more dimension to its timeless look.

Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Another style with a long design history is the hexagon tile. Its popularity comes from the variety of color and size options, as well as the wide range of price points. It yields a retro, classic look perfect for today’s modern farmhouse. Do-it-yourselfers find this tile to be budget friendly and easy to work with when remodeling a bathroom.

Penny Mosaic Tile

Like its hexagonal counterpart, the penny mosaic tile dates back quite a few years, yet has recently regained popularity. Known for its durability, the small, round-shape tile is often used as an accent tile in shower nooks and bathroom backsplashes. The variety of color options make it an adaptable style that works with many design aesthetics. For a bathroom remodel, penny mosaic tile is a cost-effective choice that yields a clean, classic look in a shower.


Budget-friendly travertine tiles are popular for both homeowners and builders alike, mainly because they are one of the most durable tiles on the market. Travertine comes in a variety of neutral, earth-tone colors and works well with many design styles, from traditional to contemporary. The durability of travertine tile makes it an excellent choice not only for showers but bathroom floors as well.

Marble Tile

In bathroom design, marble tile remains popular for its classic, traditional look. It continues to be a desirable choice because of its unmatched natural beauty. Its high-end look adds value to a home. As with most natural stones, it is somewhat high maintenance as it needs to be sealed and cleaned with mild detergents specifically made for it.

This article was originally published at Angie’s List.