6 Tips for Updating Your Front Door Area This Summer

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6 Tips for Updating Your Front Door Area This Summer

As temperatures continue to rise and flowers and trees start to show off their beauty once again, the home decor focus turns from interior to exterior. Creating a beautiful outdoor space doesn’t just make your home look fresh, it also provides a perfect place to relax or entertain.

1. Contain Yourself

Who says gardens belong in the backyard? Try a container garden on your front porch. In fact, try more than one! Adding a group of container gardens filled with blooming bulbs in various sizes brings so much vibrancy to a front porch. You can even add a large vase filled with the branches of flowering shrubs (such as forsythia and pussy willow) to the mix for a fun, festive and long-lasting arrangement.

2. Roll Out the Rug

No matter how you choose to decorate your front patio or door space, don’t forget to look down and include a fresh outdoor rug to welcome in your visitors. By choosing a large one that fills your door space properly, your front door will have the attention, warmth and textural contrast it needs to pop.

3. Scandi Goes Outside

Scandinavian design is hot these days. The style prizes clean lines and open spaces, often with wood furniture and light walls. It showcases function and simplicity instead of ornate decoration. This translates beautifully to your outdoor spaces. Wood accents in general for porch decor and the addition of teak side tables or chairs looks so cozy and appealing. Wood ceilings are gorgeous in porch areas, too!

4. Front and Center

Covered porches aren’t uncommon in many areas, whether they are small and frame the front door or expansive and run the length of the house. There is another option for creating a usable and beautiful space near your home that you might not always associate with the front lawn. Why not enjoy all your outdoor spaces and not just the backyard?” A pergola provides architectural interest and a background to display beautiful plants. Hang string lights to extend the enjoyment of your space after dark.

5. Go Big

Plants are an obvious choice for gussying up many front porch looks, but how you showcase them matters on a functional level. Opt for larger planters that don’t require as many waterings. Bigger is better when it comes to planters for both impact and upkeep.

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