Choosing the Best Dining Room Area Rug

One of the best ways to dress up the dining room is to add a stylish area rug.

Dining room area rugs help define the space, provide additional color and add texture to the room. Get inspired and add some beautiful decor to your dining room.

Best area rugs for dining rooms

Dining room rugs come in various shapes and sizes, meaning you have plenty of options. You can choose a round, square, rectangular or oval rug for your space, as long as you are getting the right size.

It’s important to choose the correct material when you buy a dining room rug. The wrong material may cost you more over time due to replacements or frequent professional cleanings.

Dining room area rug materials

You can find the rug material that works best for your home and your budget. Wool, while more expensive, is the best option for dining rooms. Wool repels water and stains and is very durable. Cotton is a good backup option: not only does it clean up well, but it’s also more affordable. If you want something that will stand the test of time and is affordable, consider a polyester or nylon rug. Silk is extremely luxurious, but will require a professional cleaning.

When you choose a rug material, consider your budget, as well as the traffic in your dining room and how likely it will be to have stains. If you and your family use your dining room regularly and the rug faces a lot of spills, you may want to choose a synthetic material. However, if your dining room is reserved for special occassions, you may want to go with a more luxurious silk or wool.

Rugs are commonly made of these six materials:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Jute
  • Bamboo
  • Synthetic material, such as polyester

Dining room area rug sizes

Dining room rugs come in all sizes, and what area rug you choose should depend upon the size of your dining room and the tables and chairs you have.

Generally, a rug 5-by-8 feet is best for smaller tables or nooks. Other common area rug sizes are 7-by-9 feet, 8-by-10 feet, and 9-by-12 feet. Round rugs are usually six or eight feet.

Here are a few hints to select the perfect rug size:

Measure the dining room table and add 24 to 30 inches; this will allow enough room for your chairs to move freely along the rug and not get caught on the edge of the rug. Leave eight to 18 inches of floor showing around the room to define the eating area.

Dining room area rug styles

With so many different designs, colors and patterns available, it can be difficult to determine which rug style is the best for your dining.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to what you like. However, here are some general ideas.

Traditional rugs are perfect for (yup, you guessed it) traditional dining rooms. These rugs come in a variety of colors, allowing you to match them to your room’s decor or to use your rug as a statement piece with contrasting colors. Traditional designs are usually the first to come to mind when you consider dining room rugs – they tend to have rich colors and elegant designs.

Transitional rugs are a balanced blend of traditional and modern designs. Although the patterns are a bit more bold than traditional rug designs, they are usually not as vibrant as contemporary styles.

Modern or contemporary rugs are vibrant, with myriad patterns and colors to choose from. These rugs work well when blended with other modern-style furniture.

There are no hard and fast rules about which style rugs you should choose, as long as it’s the appropriate size.

How to choose dining room area rugs

Look for a rug that contains the colors that are in your dining room or your living room and select area rugs that bring in those colors. If you are having a hard time selecting, look for rugs that have complimentary colors to your room colors. This will provide additional color and visual interest to your room.

Don’t be afraid to use bold patterns, such as geometrics, large floral prints, bold wavy patterns, heavily textured rugs or a bold solid color.

How to properly place dining room area rugs

When you are using a round, square or oval rug, make sure to calculate the size of the table. You want to make sure the chair legs don’t get caught when chairs are pushed away from the table.

Remember, there is no hard and fast rule to selecting dining room rugs, so choose something you love.

This article was originally published at Angie’s List.

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