Update on Deer Run Phase 3!
March 10, 2016
Progress Update: Riverside Court
March 16, 2016

Deer Run Progress Update: Porches, Electrical, and Siding

Progress at Deer Run is really heating up with the warm weather! Here’s the current state of things in Phase Three. You can view our progress below, and stay tuned as we build more homes!

1109 - Porches being poured

Porches Being Poured

Here’s a view through the trees to one of our new Deer Run houses. We’re pouring concrete for the porches now!

1405 - Electrical Rough -1

Electrical Rough

With the walls up in many of our houses under construction, it’s time to start work on the interiors! Here we are roughing in the electrical at one of our Deer Run homes.

Siding Install

Soon the exterior on this Deer Run home will be finished! These homeowners chose a neutral grey for their siding, a color that pairs beautifully with the white trim and darker grey shingles.