Kohler Digital Showers

A total sensory experience at the touch of a button.

Create a spa-like environment in your home with DTV – an advanced digital platform that wraps water, sound, light and steam
together in a seamless and totally customizable system. One simple electronic control – for one incredible shower.

Personalize your shower.

Developed with the help of wellness experts at the Kohler Waters Spa, DTV offers the ultimate in personalized hydrotherapy. From temperature and spray intensity to the angle of water delivery, you can control it all with an easy-to-use, menu-based navigation system.

Upgrade to DTV II for a fully integrated, multi-sensory experience that wraps four elements together in a single interface. Incorporate rejuvenating steam, music from your own playlist, even lights that move and change colors during your shower. Six presets make it easy to create and save your preferences.

The DTV Digital Interface is versatile and simple to use.

• Six available presets, activated at the touch of a button.
• Interface panel can be installed inside and outside the shower with both portrait and landscape orientations.
• External installation lets you turn on and program your shower before you enter.
• Streamlined and stylish design that’s easy to clean.
• Complements a wide array of showering environments.
• Eliminates the need for multiple valve handles.
• Removable magnetic control allows for easy cleaning.

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