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February 3, 2017
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February 13, 2017
What Is the Best Kitchen Flooring Material?
February 3, 2017
What Is a Smart Home?
February 13, 2017

Luxury Home Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Bed with bed pillows, decorative pillows, quilt,headboard and nightstand

Are you ready to decorate (or redecorate)? If you’re stumped for ideas, it can help to know what’s “in”. Whether you plan on following the trends or not, here’s what we predict will be popular in 2017:

1. Cork Walls
Say goodbye to your chalkboard wall. The chalk dust gets all over the place anyway. It’s time for a cleaner, less assuming trend to invade your home work space — cork walls. The soft brown layout is a blank canvas on which you can post your colorful thoughts and ideas. Pin up some rainbow reminders. Mount a themed calendar. Tack up all those old Polaroids, circa the 1990s. The cork wall trend of 2017 lets your creativity be your accent piece.

2. Muted Palettes
Simple, unassertive color schemes have become more prominent in 2016. The idea is that the fewer colors you have, the cleaner and more open the space will appear.
In 2017, we’ll see a similar trend but with a twist.

We’ll have living spaces with muted palettes, with colors like lavender and dusty pink, to provide warmth to the room without sacrificing the clean, simplistic feel that was achieved with monochromatic schemes.

3. Pillowed Headboards
Think throw pillows, but go bigger. The extra cushion in your headboard can make your bedroom seem even more comfortable and inviting. This means that your room won’t just be current and fashionable, but it will also let you relax a little more easily.

An upholstered headboard is an elegant addition to your bed set. Ideally, you want the material to either match or contrast (but not clash) with your bedroom color scheme.

4. Seventies Style, Remastered
Like most dated trends, the style of the ’70s is making a serious comeback — with some slight alterations, of course. First, expect to see a lot of wallpaper. Yeah, you thought it was all about paint, but now you can put up some wallpaper that reflects your artistic side. Here are a few examples of what we mean.

Also, dark green as a home hue is reemerging. Toss out all your navy/coral combos and make room for dark green in your living room. Remember terra-cotta tile flooring? Well, its 50-year reunion is coming up. Except this time, it’s letting all its jagged edges show. Instead of glossing over your terra-cotta floors, the new, trendy thing to do is leave them matte. This way, you won’t have to worry about boring floors, but your flooring also won’t upstage your decorations.

5. Unrefined Textures
Even if you’ve only logged on to Pinterest once, we know you’ve seen a shabby-chic DIY project. Deliberately unfinished wooden furniture can be seen in most homes these days.
2017 is the year when other natural textures will make an appearance around the house. Stones and metals are here to stay.

Wooden furniture is still a staple for any cozy space, but adding a few other coarse textures can diversify your home.

Finally, remember that remodeling your home can be a great way to make it more inviting and, therefore, more marketable to prospective home buyers. If you need help with decorating advice before the big sale, reach out to us.

This article was originally published at homeactions.net.