Modern Bathroom Essential: Know Your Options for Shower Glass

Clear is classic, but colored or textured glass can offer more privacy

Glass shower enclosures are clearly a designer favorite, but is the choice of glass always so … clear? There are many options for glass finishes, so it’s worth considering the wide variety of looks and functions you can achieve to get the best fit for your bathroom style and your comfort level.


The ultimate classic, simple clear glass is a safe bet for nearly any bathroom because it can suit both traditional and modern styles. It’s an especially good choice if your space already includes a bit of color elsewhere or a feature tile that you want to show off unfiltered.

Hardware will stand out on clear glass, so be sure to pick something simple and sleek to keep the look crisp.


Subtle blue-green glass feels fresh and spa-like, reminding you of pleasant plants like cucumber, mint and eucalyptus — all the scents of your favorite shampoo brought to life.

Pair it with wood to complete the natural scheme and to add a little warmth.

Beachy Blue

A vibrant, beachy blue glass inspired by the jaw-dropping shores and skies of resort towns makes your bathroom feel as if it’s part of a modern vacation hotel.

Pair it with lots of clean white and other blue accents for a tone-on-tone effect.

Demure Dark Gray

For a sultry look that also adds a better sense of privacy, use a sophisticated dark gray glass. It brings depth to the scheme, and it pairs well with dramatic stone tile with rich gray veining.

Electric Blue

Want a truly electrifying color? Blue is the best choice for a bold, supersaturated hue because it can be very pure without seeming garish.

Set it against a subtly textural tile mosaic to balance out its laserlike vibrancy.


Find the previous hue a little too blue? A classic navy feels contemporary and unique in glass yet timeless at the same time.

At this point, you may be noticing a theme: Blues and blue-greens are definitely popular choices for tinted glass, and for good reason. Cool colors appear fresh and clean, which tends to suit bathrooms. They also don’t date as quickly as hot hues and aren’t as controversial, so they are generally more market-friendly for later resale than, say, a bold orange or a vibrant red.

Warm Amber Gray

If you prefer a warmer look, try an amber-gray glass that has subdued yellow tones. It will work well with stone or wood, or a mix of both, adding warmth to the palette without going too far.


A frosted or semitransparent finish creates a different effect for bathroom glass. It lets in light but closes the sightline. The shower won’t look as large but will feel more private.

You can find glass options in different levels of transparency, which will reveal more or less to the eye. Keep in mind that while semitransparent glass will let in some light, it’s still usually best to include a light in the shower itself to achieve proper brightness.

Frosted Panels

To get the best of both worlds, have your shower glass frosted to create a privacy panel, with fully transparent sections at the top and the bottom. This allows for longer sightlines that open the space, but it also keeps the majority of the enclosure hidden.

Glass panels like this also make a great divider around your toilet, creating a private space within a shared bathroom.


Here’s another great way to break up your glass to add privacy: A striped effect gives a peek to the other side but still obscures your view of any details. This way, bathers can feel enclosed, but the space still seems airy and open.


For another privacy approach, try a textured panel. The effect is very architectural, and it adds a lot of visual interest while gently obscuring the view through the glass. This works especially well in a palette of textural neutral materials like stone and wood.


Normally small panes of glass are seen on traditional windows, but as a shower enclosure, they bring a beautiful, sophisticated appeal to the interior.

Be sure to echo the dark muntins with blackened bronze fixtures and other charcoal accents. This will help the shower feel integrated into the space and not overwhelmingly dominant.

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