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Meet Bordeau Builders

About Our Company

Bordeau Builders, Inc., has been building quality homes for over 30 years and has a reputation for quality, dependability and service. Bordeau Builders, Inc., has not only become a trusted name in construction, but also a reputable name in land development.

Bordeau Builders, Inc. was started in 1980. President and Owner, Gary Bordeau has acquired parcels of land and developed neighborhoods such as, Covington Court, Kelly Meadow Estates, Apple Grove Estates, Brookwood Court, Meadowview Court, Stafford Way and Dover Place Condominium, Deer Run at Charlton, Inglewood Estates, Lynnwood Estates. Bordeau Builders, Inc. has also built more than 150 additional homes on scattered lots over seven counties. Not only is Bordeau Builders, Inc. highly dedicated to the highest level of construction, but to each and every client we serve. Whether you are purchasing a $130,000 condominium or building a $1.6 million dollar custom home on Lake George. We strive to make every clients dream become a reality.

Bordeau Builders, Inc. along with Thomas J. Farone and Sons established T & B Associates in 1993. This partnership developed and constructed more than 280 residential homes and condominium units in local renowned subdivisions and projects such as Westwind Hills, Milton Heights, Oak Hill Estates, Knollwood Hollow Condominiums and Wyndham Way, just to name a few.

We truly love what we do, and our clients realize that. We strive to help them build the house of their dreams, and open the door to their future.

Selecting Bordeau Builders

Bordeau Builders offers you experience and a dedication to excellence. Your new home will be exactly what you want. From colors to textures, countertops to cabinets, your home is the fulfillment of your dreams. Customizing your home to suit your taste and style will make your living space comfortable and inviting. You will design your space to fit your family, your life and your goals. This will give you the best of all possible living space, designed specifically to meet your needs.

Personal Choice

Your home will be the center of your family life. A place to spend time with loved ones, celebrate events and enjoy the holidays. Your home is a reflection of your life and an achievement in and of itself. Your home will be customized to meet your family’s needs and your personal image. Plan your home to grow with your family’s changing needs and plan to spend your time relaxing at home with every amenity you want to have at your fingertips. Choose from a variety of floorplans, counter top surfaces, flooring and carpeting.

Quality Craftsmanship

Bordeau Builders offers exceptional workmanship from the foundation to the roof, and everything in-between! You can be confident in the quality in every aspect of your new home. From the initial selection of your floorplan through the landscape and finishing touches, Bordeau Builders will be with you every step of the way! Begin your journey with Bordeau Builders and let us open the doors to your future!

Open House Tours

What’s so special about us?

Bordeau Builders offers a vast selection of floor plans, home styles and building lots for you to start your journey with. The dream begins with your building lot and floor plans, then the excitement builds as you select your colors and materials for a one of a kind new custom home!

Every home can be built to your specifications and reflect your unique taste and style. Your dreams become reality with your new home construction project!

Our Process

Here are the steps to creating your dream home vision

1. Schedule a Consultation

You will work an experienced home construction specialist. You will choose your community, building lot and floorplan.

2. Dream & Design

Work with your professional design consultant to choose your color palette, kitchen and bath materials and flooring for your home.

3. Keeping You Updated

Once your project is underway you will work with the builder to review the progress, inspect and view your new home.

4. It All Pays Off

Final inspection of your completed home and once the closing documents are finalized you will be handed the keys and deed to your dream home!

How We Work In Detail

Your custom project is ready to begin!

You can work with your bank, credit union or financial institution. You also have the option to work with any of our certified lenders. Bordeau Builders will give you as much guidance as you need to help you in ascertaining the best rates and mortgage terms available. Your Title Insurance will be ordered upon receipt of your commitment letter.
You can choose from available building lots or bring your lot to us for your custom build out.
The site you select will determine the available home orientation options. You will work with your construction consultant to select the optimum positioning for your home on your lot.
You will be able to review in detail the contract and plans for your home. Bordeau Builders will answer all of your questions prior to your commitment to the project. Upgrades and changes can be made at anytime, but the closer you are to your dream home at the start, the more cost effective the project will become.
Once your home construction is complete you will have the final sign-off meeting on all your color and materials choices.
Your project will involve several walk through opportunities during the construction process. Framing, Electrical inspections provide you with the opportunity to see your home in the construction phases. At this the time you can discuss any additional items you may want to add to the wiring system. You will get an estimated closing date once your inspections are completed.
Construction sites can be dangerous places, for the safety of your family, please call and arrange to see your project with your consultant. Site visits can be scheduled during normal business hours or by appointment on weekends. Hard hats and safety equipment may be required.
Before your closing you will have one more walk through to review and inspect your home.
Your closing should land as estimated and will take place at the lender’s attorney’s office.
Your home from dream to delivery is not the end of your journey. . . . we are happy to answer questions or concerns about maintaining your home and help your referrals of friends & family discover their dreams too!

About Custom Home Building

Why settle for anything less than your dream home?

We’ll build your home your way, on your lot or ours. Our builders and architects will work with you to ensure that your new home is beautiful, functional, and built to your exact specifications.

We offer semi-custom and fully custom homes.  Chose one of our quick delivery homes and modify it to suit your tastes, or sit down with our architects and create something completely unique.

We have beautiful lots available, both inside our neighborhoods and on individual properties.  We can also work with you to select the perfect building site for the home you have in mind, or we’ll use a property you already own.  It’s up to you, and the possibilities are endless!

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DISCLAIMER – Bordeau Builders will grade any disturbed areas up to 20′ to 25′ of rear yard and 15′ on each side yard. Any grading beyond these areas is customer’s responsibility. All prices, specifications, and offerings are subject to change without notice. Specifications will be finalized prior to construction. All sizes are approximate and estimates only. 5/12/2022

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Open house is by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled by a Bordeau Builders representative. Open house hours 1 pm – 4 pm.