Two Great Ways to Reduce Kitchen Clutter

Kitchen Clutter?

Moving soon? Now’s the time to tackle that kitchen clutter and rid yourself of things you don’t need or use. If your kitchen is overflowing with stuff and you don’t know where to even begin, these articles from Houzz may give you the direction you’re looking for.

Plus, take a look at all the great built-ins in these articles – if you love the look and the functionality, talk to us about building something similar into your new home!

9 Smart Charging-Station Solutions for Decluttering Your Cables

Bring some sanity to your gadgetry with these nifty solutions for storing, charging and organizing your devices

It seems like every year a new type of high-tech device becomes an essential part of our lives. But we could all do without seeing the countless cables it takes to keep these devices charged and ready to go. To help keep your devices powered up, and your surfaces free of busy cables, here are some of my favorite solutions for integrating charging stations into your kitchen and elsewhere in your home. Continue Reading »

Simplifying: What Items in Your Kitchen Are Just Taking Up Space?

Here are some of the cooking tools, small appliances and dishware you may not need

My husband and daughter love to browse in kitchen stores and regularly come home with “interesting” kitchen gadgets: a spaetzle maker, an apple corer, an egg poacher. Although these tools are admittedly useful, as a professional organizer I cringe at the items that have only one purpose and take up valuable storage space.

Perhaps your kitchen is filled with similar items. I generally do not recommend having such specific equipment in any kitchen, but maybe you use some of these tools quite often. If you have a large space with plenty of storage, that’s no problem. But if you are downsizing to a smaller home or trying to simplify your life, it may be time to rethink your stock. Read on for advice on how to let go of unnecessary culinary items so your kitchen — and you — gain a little breathing room. Continue Reading »

If you’re ready to tackle your kitchen clutter now, build a plan, block out some time, roll your sleeves up, and take a bite out of your stuff – you’ll be glad you did! Next, why not check out some tips for storing your kitchen tools & flatware?

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